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DISC Profiling

Find the best version of you and your team!

As an Associate of DISCSimple, we use the DISC tool to support you and your team to improve communication and teamwork and gain greater productivity for your business! 

What is DISC? 


DISC is a psychometric behavioural tool that helps individuals to understand their own behavioural styles and preferences and of those around them. By understanding yourself better but also to being able to identify traits and behaviours of others you can build better relationships and maximise results. 

The tool highlights the unique styles of each individual. There is no right or wrong, it's about understanding everyone's uniqueness, including their differences and using this knowledge for good! 

The DiSC model is made up of 4 styles and each person has their own unique blend.

DISC sketch.png

It's very simple to set this up; an individual will complete an online profile and following this they will receive their own personalised report which explains their style, traits and behaviours to help them to better understand themselves and how they can work effectively with others. 


A hugely powerful tool for personal and professional development,  this can be used in a number of situations for individuals and we also run team workshops to help everyone understand each other better and enhance team dynamics. 

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